Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Pataskity Publishing Company welcomes this exciting new year, 2022! We wish you many blessings and prosperity as we encourage you to start this exciting year by setting goals, and sticking to them! If you are not yet a published author, 2022 is the right time to start setting plans to become one. Do not wait and say, “I will do it later.” What if later never comes? Get up, and begin the process today! Today is your day to become the author and entrepreneur that you dream to become.


It is true that published authors have a better chance of having their works reach a wider audience. Therefore, as you step into 2022, it is the best time to start making plans on how to become a published author. The best place to start your journey is with Pataskity Publishing Co. We offer a free fifteen-minute consultation to help you discuss your passion, and how our company can serve you!

 Our company offers various services to help new and existing authors achieve their goals. Pataskity will help you turn your unique idea into a beautifully designed well-written book. We encourage you to Awaken The Author In You In 2022! Now that the celebrations are all gone and you had a good rest, this New Year is your best opportunity to set plans to publish your first book. Bring your ideas to reality!

All you need to do is follow the simple steps on pataskitypublishing.com website to kick-start your career as a published author today! Pataskity Publishing offers a variety of publishing services to provide its clients with easy and affordable ways to get their works published. Start your literature journey today with a professional guide at Pataskity Publishing. Ask about our payment options! Our goal is to be flexible for you.

Additional Services That You Can Take Advantage Of Today Are As Listed:

Strategic And Extensive Marketing Package For 2022.

Unique Website Development And Coding From Our Tech Team.

Remember, Pataskity Publishing Company exists to bring dreams to reality, and we would love to help you! 


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