Frequently Asked Questions

What makes PPC stand out from other publishing companies?

PPC understands our clients and their needs. We understand clients may have a dream or hope to become a published author. PPC works closely with all our clients. PPC is most unique because of our passion; We treat you more like family and less of a client. Your dreams become our dreams, and because of this together we are destined to succeed.

Will you handle all aspects of the publishing process for me?

We will handle every aspect of the publishing process for you; editing, page design and typesetting, cover design, printing, copyright registration, and creating you an outstanding book trailer. Most importantly- we cover absolutely every step of publishing for you!

Will my book be available in international markets?

Absolutely. Your book will be available globally (U.S., Canada, France, Australia, Germany, U.K., etc.) through online retailers. Clients or readers may also go into a local retailer and request to order a copy of your book.

Where will my book be sold?

We publish and distribute our author’s books through online platforms such as Amazon Kindle store, Barnes & Noble, and Books A Million.

Where is Pataskity Publishing Company located?

207 Hudson Trce
Suite 102
Augusta, GA 30907

Can I visit your offices?

We are in Augusta, GA in the U.S. We love visits from aspiring authors. Simply let us know what day you would like to come for a visit, and we will arrange an appointment. We do not see clients outside of scheduled appointments.

Can I switch to PPC? I previously published my book elsewhere.

Absolutely- you are always free to switch publishers. We would simply re-publish your previously published work as a “second edition.” We can also correct any errors that occurred during the prior publication process and work to improve your book by redesigning the cover if needed, etc.

Will I get physical copies of my book?

Yes. Additional copies will be instantly available to you as you need them simply by ordering.

What do you need to review my book?

A completed manuscript typed in almost any digital format. We accept Microsoft Word or any other text editor program files. If you have your manuscript in a different format, just let us know – chances are we can work with it. In case, you only have a concept or idea, we will accept the idea.

How long will it take to publish my book?

The time required to produce a quality book varies from author to author.

How much might this cost me to publish my book?

While the investment required of our authors to bring a book to the world-wide market is minimum compared to traditional companies, the cost varies based upon the intricacies of each book. All our authors are fortunate enough to undertake the production, distribution, and marketing of their book. If you have additional concerns, please register on our website. Once you have registered, review fees and payments which are accessible in our author’s portal.

We Love And Appreciate Our Clients!