Mia's Special Gifts

Mia's Special Gifts

About The Author

Ms. Lavita Anderson (Anderson) is a native of South Carolina. As a child, she developed a spark to learn more about science and research. Anderson is an alumna of Clemson University where she obtained a Bachelor Of Science In Biological Sciences. She is also an alumna of North Carolina Central University where she earned a Master of Science in Biology. Today, Anderson has blossomed to become a writer, and she teaches Science to high school students. Anderson loves teaching not only through the classroom setting, but also through the sharing of books. As a creative writer, she inspires students from all walks of life. Anderson has always enjoyed reading and has been an avid reader since childhood. She recalls growing up and reading so many children’s books! Each book taught valuable lessons. Anderson is hoping to do the same for her audience because these books impacted her life through teaching many valuable lessons. She cultivates her experiences to create wonderful stories such as Mia’s Special Gift. She desires to give back to students from the abundance that she has been given and taught.

About The Book

Mia’s Special Gift illustrates that each child is a special gift to the world! This story teaches children to explore and discover their own gift, and their gift may not be like the next person’s gift. Like Mia, every child is unique in their own way. Sometimes our uniqueness has to be discovered, so join Mia on her journey to discovery! Mia’s Special Gift can be read to kids of all ages. Come along and join Mia, and you too will soon discover your special gift!

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